This natural stone necklace was
designed for actress Jackie Guerra.
The center focal piece is sterling silver
with natural stone inset in the center.
This necklace was designed for a magazine.   
The focal point is a photo pendant. A
versatile memory necklace, designed to
wear as pictured or longer
This spiral necklace won first-place at
a recent fair. The necklace is made
with polymer clay, Austrian crystal and
I have combined several colors of the
Kato polymer clay together to create
a wave effect.
Another recent design using sterling
silver and Ploymer clay.
This is an art deco piece that I
made to a client's specifications.
It's a reproduction of a piece she
had with a few minor changes.
The center focal piece is made of
polymer clay and accented with
This is an Egyptian-inspired necklace that I
made for Actress Cam Frierson. The beads
are three colors of polymer clay that have
been blended to give this effect.
Wire art and jewelry has become
very popular lately. Here is an
example of an easy wire and
natural stone earring project
This piece features seed beads and wire.
The project was created for the beginning
to medium experienced student, and
features simple wire wrapping techniques
This bracelet is an example of the
animal print technique. This piece
utilized different colors of premo
polymer clay to create the illusion of
an animal print. The polymer clay
beads are combined with fresh water
pearls and hematite to complete the
Along with the building popularity of
precious stones and metal wire wrapping as
an alternative material for jewelry, a variety
of media can be used on the natural stones
to create varying effects. This particular
necklace is made with ribbon, sterling silver
wire, crystals, and natural stones.
The picture does not do this
bracelet justice. The beads
are different polymer clay
canes that have been
combined to create a floral
effect. I have strung the
polymer clay beads with glass
beads and crystals, on
memory wire, to complete
the design.
Necklace made with old canes, crystals, and
beads. Great way to show off detailed
polymer clay canes.
Art Clay Silver. This is a close up of some the
Art Clay Silver pieces that are required to
become a certified instructor. Level I, the
basic certification, is four days long. In the
first level course, the student learns
techniques for all three types of Art Clay
The many techniques detailed above can be combined and mixed into many various forms of wearable art
diverse enough to suit any style. Below are several more examples o
f Jewelry design.