These projects were inspired by nature. In this case the beauty of fall
and texture and shape of leaves. The first necklace was designed for a
beginner polymer clay project. The class had to be completed in under
two hours. The wire accents and crystals give a modern twist to a
traditional design..
Leaves of Clay
The cameo necklace is a reflection of
how nature can be incorporated into
modern jewelry. The cameos are
mounted onto leaf shapes which
reflect light and show off the detail in
the clay. The cameos are made of
polymer clay, then baked. This is a
very simple design that teaches basic
polymer clay skills and the use of
Dragon Box
This particular project demonstrates how to
take old empty tins and recycle them into
usable art. There are several different
dragons on this tin, along with some human
figures. The other box is a card box.
For the Holidays
This project was designed for HGTV's 30 Days of
Christmas Projects. These are snowflake ornaments
that are either free standing or adhered to a glass
ornament. The fun and easy technique of covering a
glass ornament box with polymer clay is done by
using a very clean glass ornament and placing the
Kato Polyclay directly onto the glass. Bake the
ornament and allow to cool. Gently remove the clay
and using a high temperature glue, adhere it onto
the glass.
Fun with Polymer Clay
These techniques were demonstrated at the
Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California.
The use of molds, color combining, cane work,
etc. were very popular and a great favorite of
the fair goers. The other photo shows a hat
that has matching earrings made of polymer
clay. The colors of the polymer clay can be
combined to match fabrics and create buttons
and jewelry