The Sea Mask
This "Sea Mask" is not painted. It is made
using a skinner blend Kato Polyclay blue and
white. Then pearls, sand and other accents
were added to the clay to create different
textures on the mask. This mask was
created for actual wear.
This is my Mardi Gras mask selection. I made
each of these masks using the new "Kato
Polyclay." The frogs were made using the
new molds from "Kathryn Dolls" combined
with leaves and Austrian crystals to allow the
light to reflect off the masks. These pictures
do not do the masks justice.
Nature Mask
The frog mold is made from vinyl
polysiloxane which is a flexible plastic. These
molds are suitable for use with many
different art forms such as candle mix,
melted embossing powders, paperclay,
paper making, play doh, polymerclay, and a
variety of other mediums.
Mini Mask's
The following mini face masks are wearable pins and necklaces. They are made with Kato
Polyclay and are embellished with wire, rhinestones, and beads. The Artist Maria Del Pinto who is
known for her sculptured jewelry pieces, created this "beginner to advance project" for her goth
& phantom clients. The basic face mask pattern, provides the artist with an endless amount of
possibilities in creating an art piece that reflects their own taste and creativity.
Mardi Gras Mask

To get directions for this project please pick up
the Fall Issue of Polymer Cafe at your local