I enjoy working with miniatures and have
taught others to enjoy this craft. Growing
up by Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, I
loved visiting the famous "Motts Miniature
House." As soon as I was old enough, I
began to take classes in making
miniatures. This photo is a 1-inch scale
miniature that I made of a front porch.
The light fixture on the right actually
lights up. I built the entire front porch
scene into a frame to make displaying it
easier. I painted the Welcome sign on
the front door with tooth picks and a very
fine paint brush. I also designed the
plants to complement the colors of the
wall and door. The door knocker is made
of brass and works.
Precious Little Girls Miniature Room
I wanted to preserve my precious little girl's
bedroom. So I made a 1-inch scale miniature
of her room. The photos on the walls are index
photos that I cut to fit the frame. The photos in
the brass frames are those nifty pictures you
get from the studio for charms. I thought they
would be perfect duplicates of the ones that I
hung on her actual wall. The linens on the bed
are the same linens that her real room was
decorated with. I cut them from the same
material that was used in her room. I painted
the furniture to match her real furniture. I was
able to find toys, diapers, etc that were
matches to the real items she had in her room.
She is a lot older now, the room colors have
changed drastically (purple at last look). She
still treasures this memento of her baby room.
This is a view looking straight down at
the baby room. You can get a better
view of the different items in the room.
The photos are actual photos of my
daughter when she was a baby. The
diapers and t-shirt were purchased at
a miniature show. The bunny bear (our
nickname for our daughter) is made of
polymer clay. The artist who made this
bear specializes in bears of all types.
The baby diaper bag is filled with an
assortment of miniature baby supplies.
Inspired by Asian architecture and design. This
Portable altar, uses  a variety of mediums. Miniature
stone dragons for good fortune and coins, combined
with decoupage paper elements. The doors open to
display a unique Asian inspired pendant.I created  
this to display the many beautiful  Asian collectibles I
have acquired through the years.
Mini Asian Alter