Victorian Photo Ornament
This project demonstrates the "Image
Transfer" technique. Utilizing a black &
white photocopy, I place the image on
a piece of polymer clay and bake it.
Then I peel off the photocopy and the
image has been transferred onto the
clay. Then I combine it with a polymer
clay frame and bake them together.
Note: for those seeking step-by-step
instructions, I recommend the book
"Creative Ways with Polymer Clay" by
Dotty McMillan. She has excellent
instructions that are easy to follow.
This is a goose egg that has been cut
using a dremel drill with a very small
bit. The egg is then washed and hand
painted. This particular egg is a music
box. The top finial turns which makes
the tree turn in a circular fashion while
Christmas music plays. The tree is
covered in Austrian crystals which
reflect light when the tree is turning.
The outside of the egg is decorated
with gold braid trims and Austrian
Crystals. The top finial is made from
beads and ends. The egg is finished
off with a decorative base which hides
the music mechanisms
Wedding Cake Egg
Wedding Cake" egg. This is a goose
egg that has been cut using a dremel.
Then it was hand painted on the inside
and outside of the egg. I then lined the
inside of the egg with red velvet. I put
inside a bride and groom statue (which
I had already painted and added
decorative detail to). Then I lined the
cut of the egg with a gold braid and
faux pearls. I then finished off the egg
with a decorative finial and base.
This is a view of the inside of
the egg. The characters on the
doors are from an Origami
Company. The birds were
individually cut from wrapping
paper and applied to the egg
with "Modge Podge." Then I
added a cork scene in the
interior of the egg to complete
the design. The outside of the
egg is painted with "Plaid" paint
and finished off with gold
braided trim.
Open Flight
Christmas Egg
Polymer  clay can be used to enhance
and personalize any object to create
your own personalized items. The
glass Christmas ornament was
covered with crystal decorated polymer
clay . I also made a matching ornament
with beading for a more festive look.
Christmas Stars