I have been teaching scrapbooking for
over ten years. Recently there have
been a lot of new products on the
market that make this art form even
easier to do. This particular page
shows the use of pre-printed die cuts,
colored acid free paper, and stickers
can make a quick and easy scrapbook
The new Kato Polyclay can be used to
create special accents for the memory
pages. This page was created using
orange, green, black and white
polymer clay. The bats and pumpkins
are made of clay. The great part of
using polymer clay to create accents is
that you can change the colors to suit
the photo subjects or theme.

Kato Polyclay is acid-free.
5 Minute Page
The is a great example of a five minute
page. You crop the pictures (removing
any unnecessary objects). Then you
add stickers. You finish it with a few
short sentences that cover the theme
of : what, where, when and who. A
page that is complete in five minutes.
10 Minute Page
A good example of a 10 minute page.
Select photos and cut to create a
balance on the page. Then you can
add a few stickers. Finish the page off
by adding a few short sentences.
Remember the most important this is
that you preserve your photo's. So be
sure to use acid-free supplies.
Pocket Memorabilia
This is a fun and easy way to make
pocket pages. Using pre-printed die
cuts and stickers. Just attached two
blank pages together. Decorate both
sides with the die cuts and stickers.
Putting a pre-printed frame on each
side is nice to add a picture to later.
The cut at the top of one of the pages.
Then you can use this page to store
birthday cards, etc.
The new decorative papers make
scrapbooking a breeze. This page was
created by placing a piece of vellum
paper over the box opening and
tracing it. Then I cut the new templates
out and put on the photo to trace. I cut
out the photo's and used an acid-free
adhesive to attach the photos to the
page. This page took about 15
minutes to do.
Polymer Clay Accents